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Who We Are

New Haven REACH

New Haven REACH is a student-run organization that was created to provide the information and support necessary for public school students in the New Haven area to access the higher education best suited to their potential and ambitions. We share the core belief that no one should be shut out from attending college because of a lack of resources. This support often involves essay editing, help choosing schools to apply to, and answering any questions about the college application process.


REACH is unique in the close relationships fostered between mentors and mentees, which you can get a sense of through the video and testimonials below!


Our mentees are juniors and seniors from New Haven public schools - we'll help any motivated student that wants help with their college applications, no matter what stage of the process they're at! Check out which of our programs is best for you here.


Our mentors are current students at Yale University that want to help other students with their college applications. Our mentors are trained in college application mentoring, in addition to having recently gone through the process themselves. They are also required to complete safety training according to Yale's Youth Program guidelines.

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Mentee Testimonials

“I’m a first gen student so throughout the process I felt a little bit lost and REACH provided me with someone who went through the process, to guide and inspire me to apply to my dream school.” -- Alan Veloz, Tufts ‘24

"It made the college application process much easier to deal with because you could ask someone questions that already went through it” -- Johanna P, Tufts University ‘24

"My mentors helped me tremendously with my personal essay” -- Favio Inahuazo, UConn ‘24

“My mentor was so sweet and adaptable in helping me finish my applications early. She helped me to create a resume, make a list of colleges and their requirements, and even made me feel like a friend” -- Tonia Cheung, UC '24

"I would recommend REACH “because many peers around me do not have enough resources to receive help with applying to colleges” -- Shua Kim, SCS ‘24

“The college application process is extremely complicated. It is great having someone guide you through it” -- Ciara Ortiz, Yale ‘24

Mentor Testimonials

“The most rewarding part of the process for me was when my mentee was accepted into her number one choice, a Reach school!” -- Landon Allen

“A relatively low commitment way to make an impact. Plus, if you’re a Yale student you’re probably pretty good at applying to college and can share that knowledge” -- Rachel Cohen 

“Wanted to help people with the college application process and decrease stress for talented students that may not have enough resources otherwise” -- Jeremy Otridge 

“It has been rewarding to see my mentee grow as a writer and I am excited for her to go on to college!"

- Chloe Simon

"Learning about my mentee, her story, and her ambitions. It inspired me a lot to know I was helping somebody get the opportunities they deserve and showing admissions officers how amazing of a person they are."

- Sarah Teng

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